WLP celebrates its 30th Anniversary today.

Three decades of dedicated customer service, challenges overcome and goals achieved.
Years of sustained growth, of the business, services, team.

Years of resilience and resilience, in which we listened to the voice of our Customers and stopped being mere suppliers to become their partners.
And, as a result, the services we provide have become solutions that bring real value to your business.

30 years later, with presences in Porto and Lisbon, WLP – WorldWide Logistics Portugal – continues with the same innovative and youthful spirit, increasing investment in the quality of its solutions and the relevance of its services, through continuous training and enhancement of its its team and its commitment to new concepts and technologies.

Focused on today and now, we are already preparing for tomorrow, looking to do more, looking to do better.

To all those who accompanied us on this path, and who we are sure will accompany us on the path yet to be taken, Customers, Partners, Suppliers, Team, our Thank you very much.

The WLP Team