Social Responsability

Responsible business practices in all our activities

At WLP we are committed in integrating responsible corporate practices in all our activities, not just in words, but also with actions. As a compromise of Corporate Social Responsibility, we intend to have a positive impact, not only in the market, but also at the workplace, the environment and the community.

Oporto Pony Club

With a strong motivation to extend its entrepreneurial path to social causes WLP decided to support the Oporto Pony Club.

The Pony Club is a private social solidarity institution and its humanitarian mission is to provide access to sports and therapeutic practices in an inclusive way, without economic or social frontiers.

The Pony Club has emerged to support children and people with special physical and/or mental needs in their biological and psychosocial development. The institution’s strategy is to stimulate the potential of each of these special people through riding activities.

WLP has decided to join this cause and is one of the sponsors of this institution.