Critical Solutions

Critical Solutions


Soluções Críticas - Air Charter ou Fretamento Aéreo - WLP

Today’s dynamic global markets demands a logistics partner that quickly responds with reliable and competitive charter solutions.

Air cargo charter is generally an alternative which companies take when other airfreight options are impractical or impossible. This type of air transport is crucial when customers are facing a line stoppage or have oversized equipment that doesn’t fit on a scheduled commercial flight.

We have direct access to every cargo aircraft on the charter market. This coupled with our global multi-modal freight solutions and network, means we can offer a flexible solution and complete transport service, regardless of the complexity.


Soluções Críticas - On Board Courier 24/7 - WLP

When time is of the essence, an On-Board Courier service is one of the fastest transportation methods available for your Time Critical shipment.

Each onboard courier solution is unique.
Every part of the transport, from pick-up to delivery has been created individually to meet your demand, time frame.

Our on-board courier service isn’t limited to small, handheld consignments. Thanks to our couriers, we’re able to transport significant volumes on board the commercial aircraft, often transporting larger quantities than the maximum payload of smaller charter aircraft.

The On-Board-Courier is the combination of speed, service, expertise, and experience.


Soluções Críticas - Próximo Voo ou Next Flight Out - WLP

In case of logistics emergencies, our Next Flight Out (NFO) service ensures the delivery of shipments in the fastest possible time.

The solution for every type of shipment, every destination, and every budget.

Whether you are looking to transport bulky automotive parts, small semiconductor materials or aerospace components, WLP offers proven NFO solutions across the globe to prevent your line-down situations.

Guaranteed access to global air cargo capacity on scheduled air freight for urgent same-day shipments, overnight, or next-day shipments.


With the changing logistics landscape from flight delivery to truck delivery, providing Express Vans’s logistics services to businesses has become an effective logistics solution to secure supply chains.

For a door-to-door transport service throughout Europe, especially for time-critical larger shipments which can’t be transported onboard aircraft due to size, weight, commodity, or schedule limitations, WLP can offer you a dedicated road Express service.

Our European Road transport network is continu- ously fine-tuned, based on our customer’s needs. Depending on the size of your shipment, we can offer small and mid-size vans or full trucks.
Every day of the week, every hour of the day, your shipment will be collected and delivered in the shortest possible time-frame.