Social Responsability

Social responsability

Responsible business practices in all our activities

At WLP we are committed to integrating responsible business practices in all our activities, not only with words, but also with actions. With our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, we aim to have a positive impact not only on the market but also on the workplace, the environment and the community.

Oporto Pony Club

Oporto Pony Club

Social Solidarity Association
IBAN: PT50 0036 0407 9910 6002 83274
NIF: 516 685 722

With a strong motivation to extend its entrepreneurial path to social causes, WLP decided to support the Pony Club of Porto.

The Pony Club is a private institution of social solidarity (IPSS) and its humanitarian mission is to provide access to sports and therapeutic practices in an inclusive manner, without economic or social boundaries.

The Pony Club was created to support children and people with special needs, physical and / or mental, in their biological and psychosocial development. The institution’s strategy is to stimulate the potential of each of these special people through equestrian activities.

WLP decided to join this cause and is one of the sponsors of this institution.

Ajuda Sem Rosto (Faceless Help)

Ajuda Sem Rosto

Ajuda Sem Rosto (Faceless Help)

Social Solidarity Association
IBAN: PT50 0018 0003 5485 3213 02016
NIF: 516 563 882

The increasing importance we give to Social Responsibility at WLP and the purpose and merit of the actions carried out by “Ajuda Sem Rosto” convinced us to extend our support to this institution.

The words of its President Cristina Ferreira when describing the activity of this association “We don’t just give the fish…we give the rod and teach how to fish!” They are an example for us.


“Ajuda Sem Rosto” began with the goodwill of two friends who, at the beginning of the pandemic, realized the hunger of some families, a shameful and hidden hunger!

We decided to help, but as there were more and more requests, we created a group on social media, so that our friends and acquaintances could also help!

All help and support was provided in the strictest confidence, so that families did not feel degraded and criticized for other people’s wickedness.

The group grew a lot, requests were being accepted and help was being given, but we realized that this was just a temporary solution and that we had to do something more, we had to help these families get back on their feet.

We thus created “Ajuda sem Rosto – Associação Solidariedade Social”, a non-profit association.
We form partnerships with several companies, both for psychological and legal support.

We create jobs and support job searches.
“We don’t just give you the fish…we give you the rod and teach you how to fish!”

Even though it is a relatively new association, we have already managed to rebuild more than 100 families, with 27 currently being supported with more than 60 children.

All requests are rigorously studied and filtered, so that we can be sure that whoever we help really needs, thus excluding some cases of abuse or addiction to asking.

We only depend on donations, both food and monetary.

Without the help of others, we will not be able to continue our mission.

Help us help!

Cristina Ferreira

Médicos Sem Fronteiras
Médicos Sem Fronteiras

WLP supports the organization “Doctors Without Borders”.

Doctors Without Borders is an international, non-governmental and non-profit organization that offers medical and humanitarian aid in emergency situations, in cases such as armed conflicts, disasters, epidemics, hunger and social exclusion.