Vision, Mission, Values

Vision, Mission, Values

Worldwide Logistics Portugal

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– To continue to be recognized for the proactivity and excellence of service provided by our professionals.

To have a prominent position in the logistics field, being recognized as a benchmark player at the national and international levels.


– Relentless pursuit of Excellence.

– To provide our Customers/Partners with the best logistics solution that meets their objectives. Dedicated services with continuous monitoring from the beginning to the end of the process.

– Always seeking to present our clients with “environmentally friendlier” logistics solutions that maintain their economic competitiveness.


Trust – in the partners and professionals who are part of our organization, as they do everything possible to achieve the best results.

Assertiveness – Our processes are well defined and structured, ensuring that our objectives are always achieved, and consequently, those of our clients/partners as well.

Resources – Top professionals with continuous knowledge and training. As well as new technologies associated with knowledge, allowing us to always offer the best service.

Dynamism – No process is the same as the previous one; we always seek excellence and new methods to achieve your/our objectives.

Objectives – Well-defined since the day of foundation, to be recognized overall as a trusted and renowned partner.

Safety – Of our employees and all goods and processes.

Organization – A well-structured and well-defined organization.