New WebSite WLP


WLP – WorldWide Logistics Portugal – launches its new website.

Because content is always the most important, but the image does not stop being too, we decided to refresh ours.

We wanted the new website to communicate a more modern, attractive, young and dynamic image. To the new image we add content, quality, and tools and information useful for those who use it.

Because a partnership where the parties know each other well works better, we introduce, and we will continue to do so in the near future, elements that enable us to communicate better and better, and also get to know our clients and partners better.

Close ties is the goal. We want to know you better so we can serve you even better. We want you to know a little more about WLP so that the notion that we are not only suppliers but true partners in the realization of services essential to the success of your business is even more noticeable.

New WebSite WLP - WLP

New Website WLP – WLP

In the development of the new website we used the latest technologies, namely the responsive design technologyresponsive design“, also known as “mobile friendly“, so you can consult our website quickly and simply, regardless of whether you are in the office sitting in front of the computer, or anywhere else using a tablet or smartphone.

We will also update our presence on social media. We will be “more present and more easily accessible”.

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We hope that our new website is to your liking.
We are always receptive to suggestions for improvement. Take to us.


Thank you for your time and your attention.

The WLP Team