WLP distinguished with the “Healthy Workplaces Award”.

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WLP distinguida com o prémio "Prémio Healthy Workplaces – Locais de Trabalho Saudáveis".

WLP distinguished with the “Healthy Workplaces Award”.

The awarding of this award aims to “distinguish companies that have effectively demonstrated a strong commitment to preventing psychosocial risks and promoting healthy workplaces and occupational health”.

The “Healthy Workplaces Award” was created by the Order of Psychologists with the aim of recognizing and distinguishing Portuguese organizations with notable and innovative contributions to safety, well-being and health (physical and psychological) on site of work.

On May 22nd, at 3pm, the Healthy Workplaces 2024 stamps and prizes will be awarded in the Noble Hall of the Ministry of Finance, in Lisbon.

We would like to thank the Order of Psychologists for awarding this Prize.
It is simultaneously an incentive and recognition of the work and efforts made by WLP in creating the best working conditions for its employees.

The WLP Administration

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