WLP distinguished with the SME Leader (PME Líder) 2023 Status.

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WLP distinguida com o Estatuto PME Líder 2023.

It is with great pride that we inform you that WLP received the distinction of SME Leader (PME Líder) 2023.

The SME Leader (PME Líder) status is a reputation seal created by IAPMEI, in partnership with Turismo de Portugal, Banks and Mutual Guarantee Societies, to signal SMEs with superior performance, based on the best rating scores and economic indicators.

The SME Leader (PME Líder) initiative was launched in 2008, as part of the competitive promotion strategy for the small and medium-sized companies segment, as a business reputation mechanism, which aims to distinguish national SMEs with the best economic-financial performances and risk levels.

The SME Leader (PME Líder) status thus constitutes a business qualification mechanism that signals the merit of the best national SMEs, through the creation of conditions to reinforce their reputation in the market and for optimized access to financing. The objective is to leverage growth strategies and consolidate your competitive base.

We thank IAPMEI for this distinction. For our part, we will continue to contribute to economic development and to the construction of an increasingly solid, robust and dynamic business environment.
This recognition is also a testimony to the values ​​and levels of demand that our company’s management imposes on itself.

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